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Γενετική των Ελλήνων (XML)
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Racial Type of the Ancient Hellenes pdf
Indo-European Origins in Southeast Europe
Anthropological Evidence and the Fallmerayer Thesis
Ανθρωπολογικά Στοιχεία για τη Θεωρία του Φαλμεράυερ
Model-Based Clustering of World Craniometric Variation pdf
Πηγές για την εθνική ταυτότητα των Ελλήνων
Greek Y Chromosomes
Ελληνικά Χρωματοσώματα Υ
Greek mtDNA
Greek autosomal DNA
Greek IQ pdf
Review of John V. Day’s work pdf
Against Karl Earlson’s “Nordic Hellas”
Against Arthur Kemp’s “March of the Titans: The History of the White Race”
Against Arthur Kemp (bis)
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Carleton S. Coon on the Racial Type of the Ancient Minoans
J. Lawrence Angel on Morphological Types of Greeks
J. Lawrence Angel on Caucasoid Morphological Types
Renato Biasutti on Caucasoid Subraces
Carleton S. Coon on the Mediterranean Race
Earnest A. Hooton on the Mediterranean Subrace
Carleton S. Coon on the Greeks
J. J. Winckelmann on Greeks and Italians
Giuseppe Sergi on the Alleged Homeric Evidence
Alexander H. Joffe Reviews “Black Spark, White Fire”
Gyorgy Nemeth on Foreigners in Ancient Athens
Geoffrey G. Field, “Nordic Racism” (pdf)
A. James Gregor, “Nordicism Revisited” (pdf)
A. James Gregor, “National Socialism and Race”
Historical Instruction in Nazi Germany
Εκδόσεις Ελληνίζειν
Faces of the Mycenaeans
Parallels: Old and New Greeks
Composite Greeks: the Ancient and the Modern
Composite Greeks: the Composite Greek Woman
Composites of Greek and European Female Athletes
Pictures of Greek Men
Pictures of Ancient Greek Men
Pictures of Greek Women
Pictures of Men from Macedonia (1921)
Pictures of Men from Asia Minor
Five Greek Heroes from Pompeii
Physical Types in Art from Thera
Physical Types in Ancient Greek Art
Thirty Faces of Mediterranean Race (pdf)
Twelve Faces of Caucasoid Race (pdf)
Thirty European Faces (pdf)
Racial Analysis Calculator (male version)
Racial Analysis Calculator (female version)
Anthropometric Calculator (male version)
Anthropometric Calculator (female version)
Black or White Calculator
Greek Racial Calculator - Ελληνικός Φυλετικός Υπολογιστής
Anthropology in the News
Hellenic Anthropological Association
Anthropological Association of Greece
Hellenic History
Porta Aurea
Μικρός Απόπλους
Racial Reality
Refuting Arthur Kemp’s Lies about Portugal
The Greco Report
The Race of the Aegean
Greek and Roman Portraits