Caucasoid Morphological Types
The people of Lerna; analysis of a prehistoric Aegean population, by J. Lawrence Angel, Princeton, N.J., American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1971, pp. 36-38

The Basic White type A1 for example, is close to the British Atlanto-Mediterranean of Deniker and others, and it is longer-faced, more linear throughout than A3. Type A2 is a smaller version of the Upper Paleolithic norm and is broader-based and more rugged than A3, the Central Basic White, which approximates the Eurafrican of the literature and is a smaller version of Cro-Magnon. A4, a squat-faced and low-headed version of A3, being more Eastern than African; and A5 is a taller, more massive version.

The Classic Mediterranean type B1 is a generalized Mediterranean, whereas B2 is the more angular form, as often found in Egypt. Types B3, more linear and "Classic" in Sergi's sense, and B4, with the long face, approximate the desert-belt Mediterranean in the range from North Africa and Siwah to Hissar and Kazakhstan.

The Nordic-Iranian type D1 lies between Anglo-Saxon and Keltic area norms, and D2 is the earlier pre-Bronze Age Corded form which Coon identifies. Type D3, lighter and more hawk-nosed, is transitional to the Mediterranean type B4 and to type D4 (Iranian), which is the Proto-Iranian of Vallois, Irano-Afghan of others, and Proto-Nordic of Krogman, and which is more linear and more rugged than D3 and has a more tilted chewing plane, more nasal convexity, and deeper occiput. Type D5 approximates Coon's Danubian-Halstatt and successor Central European forms.

The Dinaric-Mediterranean type F1 is the higher more Mediterranean version found in Lower Egypt or Anatolia; F2 is the broader bigger-faced more Dinaroid version, rarely with less curved occiput; and F3 is the low-headed East Balkan version with some Iranian face features. Type F4, with its more Iranian face and short vault and with little occipital bulge diverges toward the Armenoid of Bunak and others. Note that type F never has the "flat" occiput of Dinaric and Armenoid types; this occiput is probably artificial (head-bounding) in any case.

The Mixed-Alpine type E1 has the A3 form puffed out and more paedomorphic (cf. Alpine), whereas E2 is Nordic-Alpine and E3 Mediterranean Alpine.

The Alpine type C1 is the typical Central European Alpine form, C2 a smaller trend of this, and C3 is the Upper Paleolithic to Mesolithic form (cf. Borreby). Type C4, short-faced but narrow-nosed and with an almost flat occiput, is an Eastern but not Armenoid form; and C3 is a low-headed and squat-faced version of C4, perhaps frequent in Hittites. These two may be pre-Armenoid.

Abbreviations: Horiz.- horizontal, Pent.- pentagonoid, Progn.- prognathous, Rect.- rectangular, Rel.- relatively, Sl.- slightly, Trapez.- trapezoidal, V.- very

Type Muscularity Vault Form Angularity Occiput
A Basic White Rugged Linear, Long Strong Prominent
A1 Atlanto-Mediterranean Rugged V. linear V. strong Hausform
A2 Upper Paleolithic V. Rugged V. linear Strong Scaphoid
A3 Basic, cf. Eurafrican Rugged Linear Medium Prominent
A4 Basic, Eastern Rugged Linear, low Strong Prominent
A5 Basic, Royal Average Massive Linear V. strong Angular
B Classic Mediterranean Gracile Linear, small Slight Projecting
B1 Mediterranean Paedomorphic Ovoid, small Slight Projecting
B2 Mediterranean Angular V. paedomorph. Linear, Small V. strong Proj., hayrick
B3 Desert, Classic Paedomorphic V. linear Slight V. prominent
B4 Desert, Eastern Med. paedomorph. Linear, long Medium Prominent
C Alpine Medium Lateral Slight Rounded
C1 European Alpine Medium Round Slight Rounded
C2 Small Alpine Slight Round, small Slight Rounded
C3 Upper Paleolithic Alpine Rugged Wide, large Medium Rounded
C4 Eastern Alpine Medium Sphenoid, high Medium V. deep, flat
C5 Low Eastern Alpine Medium Byrsoid, low Slight Sl. flat
D Nordic-Iranian Rugged Linear, high Slight Deep, rounded
D1 Nordic Rugged Ovoid, low Medium Rounded
D2 Corded Rugged Ellipse, high V. slight Deep, prominent
D3 Iranian-Mediterranean Medium Linear, high Medium Deep, prominent
D4 Iranian Rugged V. Linear, byrsoid Slight V. deep, prom.
D5 Danubian-Hallstatt Rugged Linear, high Slight Upswept, rounded
E Mixed Alpine Medium Intermediate, big Medium Rounded
E1 Mixed Alpine Slight Massive, high Medium Flat lambda
E2 Nordic-Alpine Rugged Large Slight Flat lambda
E3 Mediterranean-Alpine Medium Intermediate Medium Rounded
F Dinaric-Mediterranean Medium Byrsoid, lateral Medium Upswept
F1 Dinaric-Mediterranean Slight Byrsoid, high Strong Hayrick
F2 Dinaroid Rugged Sphenoid, big Medium Sl. flat
F3 East Balkan Dinaroid Medium Byrsoid, low Slight Rounded
F4 Eastern Light Sphenoid, small Medium Sl. flat


Type Forehead Face, outline Jaws Nose Orbits
A Basic White Rel. Wide Low, Square Long, mouth deep Med. thick Low rect.
A1 Atlanto-Mediterranean Rel. Wide Med. Linear Long, mouth deep Med. thin Low rect, sloping
A2 Upper Paleolithic Rel. Wide Wide, square Long, mouth V. deep Coarse V. low rect, horiz.
A3 Basic, cf. Eurafrican Rel. Wide Low, square Long, mouth med. Med. thick Low rect, sl. sloping
A4 Basic, Eastern Rel. Wide, low Squat, trapez. Angular Med. thick Low rect, sl. sloping
A5 Basic, Royal Rel. Wide Med. square Angular Med. thick Rectangular
B Classic Mediterranean Steep Pinched, tapers Shallow, chin pointed Med, thin Square
B1 Mediterranean Steep Pinched, tapers Shallow, chin pointed Med, thin Square, tilted
B2 Mediterranean Angular Steep Pinched, tapers Sl. progn. Med, thin ?
B3 Desert, Classic Steep Pinched, tapers Sl. progn. Med, thin ?
B4 Desert, Eastern Steep Long pent. Long, chin tilted Beaky Rhomboid
C Alpine Rel. pinched, full Short, hex. Short, chin strong Med. wide Square or rounded
C1 European Alpine Rel. pinched, full Slightly flat Short, chin strong Med. wide Square or rounded
C2 Small Alpine Rel. pinched, full Round Small Rel. wide Rounded
C3 Upper Paleolithic Alpine Wide, slope Wide, square Coarse Angular, mouth deep Low rect.
C4 Eastern Alpine Pinched, steep Hexagonal Angular, tilted Beaky Thin Rhomboid
C5 Low Eastern Alpine V. pinched Squat Shallow Beaky, short Low, tilted
D Nordic-Iranian Wide, sloping High, rect. Angular, chin deep High, beaky Rect. tilted
D1 Nordic Wide, sloping High, rect. Angular, chin deep High, beaky Low rect.
D2 Corded Rel. wide High, rect. Angular, chin deep Thin, beaky Low rect.
D3 Iranian-Mediterranean Rel. wide Med, rect. Angular, chin prom. Prominent Rect. tilted
D4 Iranian Rel. wide High, rect. Tilted, chin deep High, V. beaky Rect. tilted
D5 Danubian-Hallstatt Rel. wide Linear, rect. Angular, proj. High Rhomboid, tilted
E Mixed Alpine V. wide, high Short, taper Shallow, chin proj. Short, big root High
E1 Mixed Alpine Capacious, steep Small Shallow Med, wide Rhomboid
E2 Nordic-Alpine Wide, sloping Square Angular Strong root Rectangular
E3 Mediterranean-Alpine Big Intermediate Medium Chin Medium High, tilted
F Dinaric-Mediterranean Pinched Long, hex. Long, chin deep Long High
F1 Dinaric-Mediterranean Pinched Linear Long, chin tilted Thin Rhomboid
F2 Dinaroid Rel. pinched Big, hex. Angular, deep Beaky Rect.
F3 East Balkan Dinaroid Rel. pinched Big, hex. Angular Long Square
F4 Eastern V. pinched Med, small Light, chin pointed Thin, beaky Rhomboid