Renato Biasutti on Caucasoid Subraces
from Renato Biasutti, Le Razze e i popoli della terra, 1954, vol. 1, pp. 409-410

1. Mediterranean

Skin color “matte”-white or brunet-white, chestnust or dark chestnut eyes and hair, not excessive pilosity; medium-low stature (162), body of moderately longilinear forms; dolichomorphic skull (78) with rounded occiput; oval face; leptorrhine nose (68) with straight spine, horizontal or inclined downwards base of the septum; large open eyes. (Italians from Lazio, LIVI and others).

Fossil Form: S. Teodoro.
Subraces: Berber, Paleosardinian, Littoral.

Examples: Mediterranean (Italian, photo LUCE), Berber (Libya, photo CIPRIANI), Paleosardinian (Italian, photo CIPRIANI), Littoral (Swiss, after SCHLAGINHAUFEN)

2. Nordic (North European)

Maximum depigmentation; rosy-white skin, blond hair (from ash-white to blond chestnut), light blue or grey iris; rather abundant pilosity; elevated stature (173), longilinear body; dolichomorphic skull (75), with wide and somewhat retreating forehead, low vault, prominent occiput; high and narrow face, well-profiled nose with compressed nostrils (<60), straight spine, often aquiline, base of the septum often inclined upwards; deep eye not very open; hyperorthognathous mouth with thin lips. (Swedes from Dalarna, LUNDMAN).

Fossil Form: Stangenäs.
Subraces: Dalic, Finnic, Irish

Examples: Nordic (Swede, after LUNDMAN), Dalic (German, after CLAUSS), Finnic (Mordvin, after V. EICKSTEDT), Irish (Irish, after COON)

3. Iranian (Oriental)

Brunet-white color, very dark hair and eyes, abbundant pilosity; medium stature (165), slim body; very long (74) and high head with prominent occiput; long face; large and high nose with root at the level of the forehead, straight or convex spine, strongly curved nostrils (64); full lips, robust chin. (Persians of Yezd, FIELD).

Subraces: Assyroid, Libyan.

Examples: Iranian (Iraqi, after FIELD), Assyroid (Yemenite Jew, N.R.A.), Libyan (Libyan, photo PUCCIONI)

4. Indian

Somewhat intense brown color, dark hair and eyes, strong pilosity; high stature (172), slim body; accentuated dolichocephaly (74); nose with salient spine, with a clear sub-glabellar depression, leptorrhine (65); full lips, short chin. (Sikhs of the Punjab, E. V. EICKSTEDT)

Subrace: Peninsular Indian.

Examples: Indian (Balti from Pakistan), Peninsular Indian (Indian from Maharastra, photo INDIAN MUSEUM)

5. Alpine

Opaque-white skin color, chestnust hair and eyes; medium stature (164), stocky body build with short neck, broad pelvis and shoulders, somewhat short limbs; wide skull (87) rather low, with rounded occiput; wide roundish face, short nose with straight or concave profile, somewhat large nostrils (70). (French from the Pyrenees, COLLIGNON).

Prehistoric Form: Hasthyère.
Subraces: Georgian.

Examples: Alpine (Swiss, after SCHLAGINHAUFEN), Georgian (Svan, SOYUZPHOTO)

6. Baltic (East Baltic)

Ivory-white skin, straight fine hair, from chestnut to blond, predominantly light eyes; medium stature (165), sturdy body build; rather short skull (82) and high; short nose with concave spine and elevated tip, slightly dilated nostrils (66), wide angular face, pronounced cheeks, wide chin. (Ukrainians from Volhynia, H. PÖCH).

Subraces: Preslavic, Carpathian.

Examples: Baltic (Ukrainian from Volhynia, after PÖCH), Carpathian (Ukrainian from Volhynia, after PÖCH)

7. Adriatic (Dinaric)

Brunet-white skin, straight hair, chestnut or dark chestnut, sometimes lighter eyes; high stature (174), robust body build with long legs, but high transverse diameters of the trunk; short skull (85) and quite high, with flattened occiput; large nose, leptorrhine (62) with straight or convex spine; long face, more often wide and rounded in women; deep chin. (Croatians, BIASUTTI and others).

Prehistoric Form: Borreby.
Subraces: Padanian, Noric.

Examples: Adriatic (Serb, after ROLLEDER), Padanian (Italian, after FRASETTO), Noric (Croat, after MALES)

8. Pamirian (Anatolico-Pamirian)

Opaque-white skin, brunet hair and eyes, abbundant pilosity; medium stature (166), sturdy body build; wide head with rounded occiput (87); very long face, straight and narrow nose (57) with high bridge; thin lips, narrow eye opening. (Wakhi of the Pamirs, STEIN-JOYCE).

Subraces: Armenoid.

Examples: Pamirian (Turk, after VON LUSCHAN, Armenoid (Lebanese Arab, after VON LUSCHAN)

Type examples appear separately from the text in BIASUTTI and are classified as belonging to the respective racial types by him. Exceptions to these are the Dalic type, taken from L. F. CLAUSS, Rasse und Seele, classified by him as Fälisch, and the Finnic type, taken from E. V EICKSTEDT, Rassenkunde und Rassengeschichte der Menschheit. These correspond to the types described by BIASUTTI who does not, however, give photo examples in his work. All other pictures are reproduced from BIASUTTI with their original source given in parentheses.